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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  October 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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low 70s, partly sunny skies, and by 10:00 in the morning already warming up to 76 degrees. once again temperatures will top out in the low-to-mid 80s do you remember the afternoon. laura, how are the roads looking this morning? [ inaudible -- too far from mic] this is "10news this morning" at 6:00. good friday morning to you. welcome to "10news this morning." >> glad you are with us this morning. we are live at our school of the week perdomo. vice president mike pence shaken up after his plane skids off the runway in new york. and is black friday a thing
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emerald, we are expecting the mall to be less crowded this black friday? >> that's right, allison. the malls are going to be less crowded as more people start to take advantage of black friday shopping online or even on thanksgiving instead of on the actual day. actually, macy's is going to be opening up this year at 5:00 on thanksgiving and jcpenney is going to be open at 3:00, and that's even re chance to sit down and have a good dinner. we have a set of long lines and rush at dawn on black friday. the shopping is spread out over time. for the most part, people are still getting the deals. our partners at "usa today" put together a fascinating report. they found more stores are offering doorbusters earlier in the month and online sales are tipping away at the in-person experience that so many of us
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amazon is offering deals starting next week, and other retailers are going to be throwing deals your way pretty early. there might be an advantage. the malls will be less crowded so you can shop in person without all of the hassle. the downside though is that you might miss some of the best deals. the best advice that we can offer is to make sure that you do all of your research, take your time and really look at all of those ads and make sure that you are spending your hard- earned holiday money back to you. 6:02. in a few hours the ntsb is going to begin investigating what caused a plane caring vice presidential nominee mike pence's plane to skid off the runway. it landed dangerously close to a major highway. >> it was relatively close to the grand central. it would have been hundreds of feet away if i had to guess.
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expressed relief that everyone was already. donald trump will be in new hampshire, maine and eurozone today. hillary clinton will be spending the day in iowa. today president obama will be in orlando to campaign for clinton. this is quite the talker in tampa bay this morning. remember last year mayor kriseman's response to donald trump wanting to ban all muslims from coming in the county? we entering st. petersburg until we understand the dangerous threat posed. the "tampa bay times" is questioning whether that may have actually worked. trump hasn't campaigned in pinellas or even st. pete. kriseman has reacted to the article saying, quote, didn't expect him to take me so seriously. perhaps he knows his dark, mean- spirited campaign wouldn't be well received in a place nicknamed the sunshine state. we are staying on top of a
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people on martin luther king boulevard in tampa. we are hearing from one of the first people who pulled up to the crash site. kinetta walker live streamed video from the accident and she is still shaken by what she saw. a mother and two children and two other people in another car were killed in that four-car crash. >> when they put the shield on tough. but when they took the second child, was pumping on his chest, that was really tough. >> fhp doesn't believe there was any racing but they believe one of the cars was speeding. this story continues to develop. riot police in north dakota arrested protesters.
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that would carry crude oil from the bakken oil fields to illinois. native americans say if there was a leak it would pollute a tribal lifeline. assistant football coach mike mcqueary was placed on administrative leave from penn state after his role in the jerry sandusky sex scan ruined and the jury agreed. so lots of people looking forward to this tonight. the world series heads to wrigley field for game three. this has been exciting. the match-up between the chicago cubs and cleveland indians is tied up at one game apiece. it's the cubs' first world series home game since 1945. >> going to be an exciting game. so this is a really scary
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got his tongue stuck inside a water bottle. >> how he was finally able to get it out. 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida, these kids are so talented. look at what they are learning how to do on the high school level. stay with us. we will have more about what's going on at this school coming up. and if you are just heading out the door and need to cross o no delays. the sunshine skyway, there is some construction going on as t drive from 75 and crossing over the bridge. another look at the howard frankland bridge on the north side as people are tampa we are seeing some of that traffic piup but our drive times 17 minutes on 275 north from gandy to i-4. the courtney campbell and gandy bridge also in the green and up
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mild temperatures on this friday morning. warm, partly sunny skies through the afternoon, staying dry, and the best part it's sticking around for your weekend as well. so coming up i am going to break down the details, how hot those temperatures will be in the afternoon and what you can expect for halloween. that's all coming up in just a
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hillary clinton: far too many families today don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what will be different if i'm president? well kids and families have been the passion of my life and they will be the
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and all ose changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. 6:10 on this friday. friday means it's time to feature another awesome school in the bay area as our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. >> we are at anclote high school all throughout the morning. i got some time yesterday to spend with the journalism students, and they had some great questions. it's really interesting. they are revving up a news
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the one academy is the energy academy. the instructor talked about it as a shop class for the next generation. it is really cool. check it out. >> reporter: no speakers here. that sound is generated by the sparks from this tesla coil. the coil teaches students in the energy academy about frequencies. before the coil they start with the basics. like woodworking and power tools. the focus then shifts to electric wiring using wiring boards. >> they are wiring exactly the same kinds of circuits that you have in your house, but they are doing it on a smaller scale. >> reporter: after mastering small-scale circuits they transition to a half wall, similar to what they find in the real world. preparing these students for careers is important. that's why they also learn about alternative energy sources. >> there is just jobs opening up all over the place in alternative energy.
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>> reporter: alternative energy projects include working models that use solar, wind, and water to generate power. one student built a solar cooker for hot dogs. >> it harnesses the power of the sun. shines off the reflective beam. there is a hot dog here and it just cooks it. >> reporter: while the students say they are always building something in the class, they don't actually build a tesla coil. even so, it's a classroom favorite when the teacher powers it up. >> isn't it neat? that hot dog cooker, it takes about 15 minutes to cook the hot dog. maybe it's not as quick as you're used to. still to come up with something like that and create it is cool. >> that is awesome. we are checking in with the school this morning. tammie fields is live this morning. hey, tammie, how are you doing? >> reporter: great. i am really impressed by these students. that hot dog cooker is a big deal. it's really interesting what these young people are able to do. tell me a little bit about what
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here. >> right now we are wearing our boards, obviously, which right now i am hooking up receptacles. that's like plugs. so after i hook this up and power it we will be able to plug things in and it will have power. >> reporter: ever thought about becoming an electrician? >> not really. this is fun to take. >> reporter: have you learned how things work like even at home when it comes to electricity? >> yeah. i have learned a lot. >> reporter: wonderful. so you see t people are doing here. i want to whip this camera around and let you see what these young people are doing. that was the energy academy. but, folks, this is the health academy. you see all of these young people here, they are learning all types of skills. literally the kind of skills that would allow them to become cnas, certified nursing assistants. when they get tested at this school these students have a 100% pass rate.
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here. these students are doing all types of things. you see over here taking blood pressure right here. over here we have someone, they are taking a pulse. i saw someone earlier with bed pans. i kid you not. they are learning all the kinds of skills so when they graduate with that high school diploma they can quickly go right into a career. that's our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida anclote high school. back to you. >> they are ahead of people. >> they are. >> they have that training at that school. that's great. >> if they find something they like and they want to pursue that further, it exposes them to other issues. >> he doesn't think of it as school. >> you learn that skill set. we love doing this every friday morning. if you think your school should be the school of the week powered by duke energy florida make sure you give us a shout. so we want to hear about your
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high schools. school of the week @wtsp is the email. traffic is picking up behind you? >> no significant crashes impacting the commute. i-275 near downtown, as you can see 275 southbound that's where we're seeing the heaviest traffic. a little bit further north on 275 at busch boulevard again it's that southbound traffic where we typically see some of these first delays in the morning. the good thing is i am seeing traffic sp just getting ready to head out the door you will not encounter any slowdowns just yet. that will change in the next five to 15 minutes as we head into that busy time of the morning. right now the drive times looking good. 275 southbound from 75 to i-4, it is 15 minutes and 75 south is taking you 17 minutes between 56 at the selman expressway and the veteran
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11 minutes right now. u.s. 19 from tarpon springs heading south all the way into clearwater, st. petersburg looking pretty good. 38 miles per hour in ulmerton road near the roosevelt. in fact, on u.s. 19 south from tampa road to gulf bay it is a 9-minute drive. manatee, sarasota county crash free. no troubles there. 75 southbound as you are heading from the university parkway to venice connector, i need to minutes. all right. weather-wise we are off to a lovely start. good friday morning to you. this is a live look across bayshore boulevard downtown tampa davis island quiet this morning as you make your way to work. and mild temperatures. you really don't need that extra layer. now, perhaps crystal river maybe a light jacket to get you started this morning. but you can quickly take it off because another hot day with temperatures staying above average.
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clearwater. wind speeds out of the east- northeast around 6 in tampa, 10 in brooksville and breezier by the coast. st. petersburg 15-mile-per-hour winds reported. as we head into the afternoon at times those winds will pick up. that's because we have a tight pressure gradient in place between an area of high pressure across the southeast united states that's keeping that nice dry weather pattern in place. low pressure in counterclockwise flow around that area of low pressure. clockwise flow around that area of high pressure. we are in the middle which creates a title pressure gradient. overall, wind speeds should stay less than 15 miles per hour today. high temps upper 80s to mid- 80s. 83 st. pete, 85 clearwater, brooksville 85 degrees. temperatures running 2 to 3 degrees above average for this time of year. as we take a look at current temperatures around the nation, perhaps you are flying out of tia this morning, hope you have
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northeast. right now 37 degrees in syracuse, new york, 46 in cleveland, and 40 degrees in chi town where the big game three is tonight in the world series. around the nation very quiet for the midsection. warm, too. we are tracking rain, snow across portions of the northeastern united states and snow flurries across maine and tracking rain across portions of massachusetts, new hampshire, and vermont as well. so you could encounter some nation. 83 degrees today in lincoln, nebraska. so we're not the only ones seeing those warm temperatures for october. for today partly sunny skies. time to time we will see mid and high-level clouds but staying dry for you, and winds at times sustained at 15 miles per hour. here is your beach and boating
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temperature 75 degrees. low tide 7:41 followed by high tide at 2:03. allergies in the moderate category, tracking ragweed, elm and grass. i want to show you your weekend forecast looking nice for you with high temperatures in the 80s. low temperatures in the low 60s and quiet weather continues through halloween. keep in mind you can get the updates on the road. duv on 105.5 fm, on sarasota tal k-radio 106.9 fm and 10 weather in spanish 92.5. . the bucs haven't won a game yet this season. will sunday be the day? it's bucs football on 10news this sunday. i am ryan bass. here's what to keep an eye on. for starters that so-called home field advantage. tampa bay has lost 15 of the
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building. the raiders are the best nfl road team. speaking of which, get your popcorn ready. so many reunions and both teams are in the top 20 in the nfl in scoring. i am ryan bass and that's your toyota sunday spotlight. bucs-raiders at 1:00 right here. you know those annoying irs scam phone calls? the reason they down, that's coming up. also ahead, whether you like to buy new or used, we are going to save you money on some of your favorite things. that's coming up next. remember you can always follow us on the go by downloading the 10news app. we have you covered on your
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today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing. and all ose changes take energy. at duke energy, we're changing too, giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know...
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you might ask yourself this question a lot this time of year. am i saving money? matt granite shows you which products to buy new. >> reporter: great to be with you. ask yourself how many times might have a person before you dropped the item? cameras bad picture. smartphone we drop three to five times per tablets, too. take a look at your reminder that apple re-certified items come with a grand new warranty and all the other features. a brand new battery. they come with casing. that gets rid of the scratches prior to use. gaming and dvds that come with that scratch-free play back guarantee will cut cost its 80%. that is a phenomenal grab. i also want to remind you if you are shopping for vitamix, you get that same warranty.
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finally, when you are not buying vitamix keep in mind that many of the cleaning agents like dyson and shark spell huge savings if you travel that refurbished route. our website is where you will find what you need. back to you. >> such good advice. you never know what to do. you think that you need to buy it new. >> right. >> some of them come with a warranty. they check them out. they make sure they work and they are in good much to lose. >> yeah. pretty cool. >> i have had good luck with refurbished products. the roads are looking great. i keep saying that all morning. we will take a look at some of those drive times in a few minutes. nice drive. laura, weather has been pretty quiet. i think that's okay for most folks. that means a nice weekend. make your plans now and we will detail just how warm it will be
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out. the better day for boating is coming up. a lot of people are talking about donald trump jr. and when he did to help out a stranded driver. >> we will have that story after the break. right now the time is 6:25. just about 6:26. we are live at anclote high
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amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies. amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies
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good friday morning to you. weather-wise we are looking really nice out there. quiet conditions and temperatures in the mid-range of the 70s for some. a little bit cooler if you live in citrus county. wake-up temps right now in the mid-to-upper 60s. by 10:00 it's gonna be 76 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day, and by the afternoon we will top out in the low 80s. your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. now it's time to get a check on good morning, laura. yeah, looking great. i am not seeing any delays. we are seeing that traffic pick up as we head into the morning rush. sky 10 is near downtown. as you can see, we are seeing some of the southbound traffic. that's where we typically see, of course, the heaviest traffic in the morning. otherwise looking great. if you are getting ready to head out the door, i want to show you the maps on the speed sensors. green but there is a slowdown on i-4 heading to 275.
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day. friday, october 28. i am allison kropff. >> i am ian reitz. this is your eye opener. a look at today's top stories at 6:30. >> call center scam. this morning the department of justice is charging more than 60 people involved in an irs scam. governor pence and everyone is fine gratefully. great work by the port authority, the dedicated flight attendant. there were no injuries. >> a republican vice presidential nominee as his plane skids off the runway at laguardia airport. four weeks way from black friday. what was once the biggest shopping day of the year isn't anymore. that title now goes to super saturday. this story has nearly a hundred of you fired up on our facebook page this morning. many are happy to hear that federal investigators have busted some of the worst scam
6:31 am
sarah, the scammers claim to be irs agents and the callers are incredibly convincing? >> yeah, the levels they went to. they were looking at your social media profiles and then also buying these lists that gave them very intricate details about your life so when they called they had a lot of personal information so you felt like they were legitimate and that you could trust them as being irs agents. well, now they are finally getting busted. just listen in to w calls sounded like. >> you need to pay the internal revenue service. you need to pay $1,900. >> they tracked those to india. you might be thinking, you know what? i would never for a call. somehow they convinced 15,000 people to fork over, get this, $300 million. mary says it was the information that popped up on her caller id that got her.
6:32 am
shows up as irs. >> it's scary. they want your debit card or something like that. then they say, you know, you got no money pay your bills. >> i cried in my office. >> sometimes you are not really thinking. >> reporter: now, 56 people have been arrested so far. investigators are still looking for more. most of those arrests are in india, but there were some scammers taken into custody in eight states, including three right here in florida. and listen to this. the better business bureau said at the peak of this irs scam they were getting 200 calls a week of people complaining of the same callers calling again and again and demanding money. >> now, sarah, you have actually mentioned that there are 15,000 victims in all of this. are any of them getting their money back? >> allison, that's the tough part. a lot of them paid with debit cards so they won't. but the good news is they are trying to send a message, these
6:33 am
will catch these guys. >> they are making sure they are taking care of it. thank you. both presidential candidates hit the campaign trail in a couple of hours. also today ntsb investigators are going to look into what caused a plane carrying republican vice presidential nominee mike pence to skid off the runway. this was thursday night right as the aircraft was landing at new york's laguardia airport. as it was landing there was heavy rain. no one on board was hurt. this is trending this morning. this one online. donald trump jr. came to the rescue of a stranded driver. you see him there in the far right of this video helping to push the woman's car out of traffic. this was in 100-degree heat. the veterans expressway is open and it's clear this morning after smoke from a massive two-alarm fire shut down the northbound lanes in the middle of evening rush hour. can you imagine? fire crews found a 14,000
6:34 am
warehouse fully engulfed. here the owner also kept dogs, cats, birds, and even a marmoset monkey in that building. sadly, many of the animals, including the monkey, didn't make it out alive. the building and everything inside wasn't insured. >> five hours we lost a lifetime worth of building and saving and dreaming. >> the owner estimates his loss at $1.5 million and says he is going several rescue dogs made it out of the building. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend with the family check out mega con in tampa. it starts today and runs through sunday. it has celebrity guests, shopping, tampa. you can find everything at the tampa bay convention center. check our website and the 10news app. we have all that information
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parent. the good thing is, it does end well. parents say the 9-year-old is tough. during class he took a drink and his tongue got stuck? the water bottle. nurses used tongue dispensers, vaseline, pliers and couldn't get it out. >> i couldn't couldn't swallow. >> were you scared? >> very. >> what was going through your mind? >> happen next? >> the only thing that worked was surgery. they can laugh now, but they are hoping it teaches others a lesson. they decided to buy bottles with lids too small for tongues. >> very scary. they have to take them to the er and figure this out after folks at school tried. this is cool. 24 companies in the european union agreed to create the largest marine park.
6:36 am
square miles of the ocean. the area will be protected from commercial fishing for 35 years. scientists and activists describe it as a historic milestone in global efforts to protect marine diversity. in a few minutes we will head back out to our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida to tell you why anclote high is paving the way with their health academy. a 90-year-old cubs fan proves age is nothing but a nu. >> yep. celebrating the world series. we will tell you more about this one coming up in a few minutes. 10news at the lightning want to put you in the stands. join us tonight at 11:00 for your chance to win two lower- level tickets to the tampa bay lightning-boston bruins game on november 3. one winner gets an autographed jersey. coming up "macgyver," "hawaii five-0", "blue bloods,"
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y2562y yy6y today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing. and all ose changes take energy. giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses
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ld american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
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good morning. i am laura bern in for hilary zalla. we are not seeing any delays right now. starting with a live look at the sunshine skyway looking pretty good in the north and southbound lanes. if you are heading north from 75 crossing over the bridge it's taking you about 17 minutes right now. the howard frankland bridge looking pretty good. we are starting to see that heavy traffic coming into tampa. right now taking a look at the maps and speeds 17 minutes on 275 north from gandy to i-4. thank up out there. we are quiet on stormtracker 10. we are going to stay quiet throughout the day. temperatures across the sunshine state nice and mild. in fact, 78 degrees this morning in west palm. 70 for tampa, and jacksonville right now 64 degrees. cooler air to the north across portions of the mississippi valley right now. it's 40 degrees in lexington, kentucky, and here is a preview of your weekend. warm, mainly dry with high temperatures warming into the
6:41 am
sunday. coming up i am gonna have your trick-or-treating forecast for halloween on monday. here are some of the stories we are staying on top of on "10news this morning." we are four weeks way from black friday. to many of us it's just another day. a new study says we are choosing to stay home during the thanksgiving weekend and wait until december do holiday shopping. in 2015 the saturday before christmas was the busiest shopping day of the year. and with christmas falling on a sunday this year, many people think the friday before could be we know many of you have gotten those calls from scammers telling you that they are with the irs. well, now the feds are getting their revenge. a raid in india ended with more than 60 people arrested. since then there has been a huge drop in the number of scam calls here in the u.s. >> ntsb investigators are going to start examining what caused a plane carrying republican vice presidential nominee mike
6:42 am
after it happened donald trump and hillary clinton both expressed relief that everybody was okay. trump, who campaigned in ohio yesterday, rallied support in new hampshire, maine, and iowa today. clinton holds two events in iowa after campaigning with first lady michelle obama in north carolina. that's a check of your headlines. happy friday. so many activities this night and this weekend. here is what's coming up on 10 sports. a big game. navy is in town and usf to right the ship and get a win. also, a how bucs rookie peyton barber is helping out his homeless mother. a preview of the huge college weekend as we get you ready for florida georgia and fsu clemson. apparently drinking on the job is frowned upon unless it's
6:43 am
meet dorothy pharrell. they decided to have a few shots with her after the cubs advanced to the world series. she actually drank him under the table. seems like she would be a lot of fun. >> jaeger? >> yeah, they were having a great time. >> good for her. >> she has been waiting since '84, she has been a season ticket holder. just celebrating that world series stretch. >> drinking jaeger. good for her. pretty cool. anclot 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. we have had such an awesome time all weekend long learning about this school. >> yeah. we spent the week out there, home of the sharks, in pasco county. they have another academy this morning, some other hands-on skills? >> reporter: the health academy. let me tell you, these students aren't sick. these students are really working hard. the teacher here told me a few minutes ago they are not just
6:44 am
class work since they had to get up early to be a part of this to help us out so we could feature what they do here. i want to talk to the principal. miss williams, how unique is it to have this program here as well as the energy academy? >> it's an incredible opportunity for students to be able to experience hands-on and be able to not only the energy academy and the health academy but we have a culinary arts program. opportunity for students to be able to experience things that they are able to then go out and the career field and be employable. >> reporter: we were talking earlier. back in the old days we had more of these types of programs in our schools. is it refreshing that you are seeing this come back? >> it is incredible. they are highly engaging for students. what i see with the students is they feel like they can do something now. not everyone wants to go to a
6:45 am
go yesterday for their clinicals. that hands-on experience they get in the field really is inspiring for them to go on and be able do this as a career. >> reporter: i am so impressed. miss williams, thank you. i am going to get miss monday at one of my least favorite places, y'all, and that is the scale. i want to talk to her because she is running the health academy. tell us quickly what makes this program so unique. >> i just think that the students here, as you can see how many ed morning, they have that desire to be successful and the desire to take care of people. so with that they just are willing to learn. a lot of hands-on experience that they have here. >> reporter: yesterday they had clinical trials. they really got some hands-on experience. tell our viewers about that. >> they were in the nursing home and it was their first day. they were a little anxious. by the time they left they were very excited. and they were sharing with me that they actually used some of the skills that they have been
6:46 am
that was awesome. >> reporter: what are the students doing here? >> height and weight right now. >> reporter: miss monday, thank you very much. we appreciate it. thank you for your dedication. one thing i am so impressed by the health academy is almost 100% pass rate when it comes to passing to be certified. these students are really rocking it here, and that's why anclote high school is our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. back to you. >> tammie, it's experience because these students are gonna leave and they can start their career so much sooner. >> reporter: they can. i was told some of these students want to go the nursing route, but eventually would like to go to medical school to become doctors. this gives them that foundation, that knowledge base so that they can soar. >> and they are getting out there, like you mentioned, going to the nursing home and applying some of those skills right now and seeing what it's like to work in that environment. that is really cool.
6:47 am
to know about it because it could be a 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida. send us an email about your deer creek middle or high school -- about your deer creek elementary or middle or high school. >> we have a new crash in sarasota county. i-75 northbound t ridge road. we are seeing the slowdown because two inside lanes are blocked. so plan for an extra few minutes here at this crash. we will make sure to keep an eye on it throughout the morning as well. also a live look at i-75 right near the selman expressway. it's that outbound traffic picking up. no significant delays. and another look at our live cameras at i-275 at fowler
6:48 am
southbound. this is typical. let's take a look at the sensors throughout the area. 275 southbound and of course 75 southbound, our drive times are beginning to pick up. we are looking at about 20 minutes on 275 south from 57 to i-4. i-4 westbound improvements over the last few minutes. now at 11 minutes from 75 to 275. the veterans looking great. 11 minutes is your drive time from the parkway to international airport. pinellas county u.s. 19 from tarpon springs and heading south looking good. the drive time on u.s. 19 south, it is still at about nine minutes on tampa road from gulf to bay boulevard. manatee county you are looking great. not seeing any delays on 75. and happy friday everybody. we have almost made it to the weekend. the weather is quiet as we take a round robin of our cameras. we have you covered all the way from the bay area to pinellas
6:49 am
and pasco county, too, and wesley chapel looking quiet this morning. current temperatures for you, a little bit on the mild side. 67 clearwater, 72 degrees in st. petersburg, slightly cooler but not by much in crystal river, 65 degrees. a warmer start for folks for the morning in citrus county. wind speeds out of the east- northeast around 15 miles per hour in st. petersburg, and reporting 8-mile-per-hour winds for the folks in davis island. hereis why we have been breezy the past few days and we will continue to be so today. tomorrow, too, with high pressure across the southeast united states a clockwise flow around that area of high pressure. that's creating a tight pressure gradient between low pressure to the south, counterclockwise flow around that, and that's pumping in moisture across south florida. in fact, yesterday places like homestead picked up about 2 inches of rain, but all of that moisture staying to our south.
6:50 am
partly sunny skies today with clearing skies later on in the afternoon. high temp of about 85, winds out of the east-northeast. your forecast model keeping us dry today. again seeing some clouds this morning, but as we head into the later afternoon hours we're gonna see a little more sunshine for you and should be a very lovely friday evening. now, if you are hoping to take the boat out still a little bumpy but better than yesterday. seas 2 to 3. bay waters a moderate shop. temperature 75 degrees. and here is your seven-day forecast. warm and dry through the weekend. halloween looking nice, too. in fact, let's go ahead and talk about it. we are bringing you our favorite dancing mummy. this has been the talk of the newsroom. he puts you in that friday mood, right? he has moved. look at that. temperature-wise we're gonna warm. 84 the high by 8:00.
6:51 am
conditions. the big news though staying dry. you don't have to put a poncho or take an umbrella out with the kids making their rounds getting those nice treats. temperatures mild through 9:00 with a reading of 75. you can always get your 10 weather forecast in the newspapers, too, if you live in the bay area. pick up a copy of the "tampa bay times." we have you covered in polk county with "the ledger." coming up after the break we're gonna go back out to anclote high school our 10news school of tee we have a special announcement. we think it will make a lot of
6:52 am
i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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6:54 am
today, technology is changing... homes are changing.... lives are changing. and all those changes take energy. giving you new ways to control your power use and stay in the know... ...for smarter energy choices every day. our 10news school of the week powered by duke energy florida this week is anclote high school. >> tammie fields has been out there all morning. have you good news for them on this friday? >> reporter: some wonderful news because anna from duke
6:55 am
check. she is here to tell us more. >> at duke energy we are proud to be a sponsor of 10news's school of the week. this morning we are very, very excited to present the anclote academy with $1,000 check. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. greatly appreciated. this will come in very handy for all of our programs, not just the energy and health academy, but for all of the programs at anclote high school. >> reporter: that's miss williams, the all the students are, of course, saying thank you. back to you. >> very cool. >> that was so sweet. really all morning when we have been in there you thought you were in a hospital. >> yeah. >> because of how it is set up and the great job they are doing with the program there. you would think they are in the hospital. >> the skills they are learning. tammie talked about a number of folks wanting to pursue nursing, becoming a doctor. it's introducing them to some of these career fields at an early out. check them out. >> thank you to anclote high
6:56 am
>> 75 in sarasota we have a crash blocking at least two lanes right now. so two things. you can either go ahead and take 41 instead or plan for an extra few minutes as they work to clear the crash. that's pretty significant in terms of delays, as you can see. and weather-wise mother nature is giving us a trick right now, since we can't see it. [ laughter ] day forecast. wow. hardly any rain chances. maybe an isolated stray shower. that's it. high temps in the mid-80s. lows in the upper 60s. and it's dry. get outside. go to the beach. go to the pool. maybe do some errands this weekend. >> we are not doing errands. we are gonna hang out in that weather. >> when you are running
6:57 am
this morning. hope you have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday morning. as we go to break let's take you back out to anclote high school this morning. thank you so much for letting thank you so much for letting us spend some time with you, our children, they look up to us. hers. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with the deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand?
6:58 am
a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
6:59 am
in my job, i see a lot of fires that could've been stopped before they started. that's why florida's firefighters support amendment 1. amendment 1 does solar the right way, commonsense safeguds for the health, safety and welfare of florida's consumers and it's first responders. amendment 1 means more solar, safe solar, for the sunshine state.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, october 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a jet carrying vice presidential nominee mike pence skids off a runway in new york city. governor pence is safe and now in studio 57. legendary olympic gymnast gymnastics coaches bela and martha karolyi in a lawsuit against sexual abuse. >> a birth control for men and a shot that works like a pill. we will look at the side effects and how soon it might be


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